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My Mnemonics

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A Mnemonic device is a pattern of letters to help memorize phrases, ideas or keywords. I have created some mnemonic patterns of my own to help with frequent issues faced by athletes, such as fear of failure, loss of motivation, and performance anxiety.

DANCE-  jumpstart your daily motivation


Determined- what is your purpose? What are you waking up for, who are you waking up for?


Appreciative- giving recognition to what you have, be it abilities, relationships, materials.


Navigate- create a directional guide of how you want your day to go and take control of every step you make 


Confident- build it, positive self-talk, just know you can do it.


Excited- be happy, do everything with passion and enjoyment.

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ROAR!- overcoming anxious feelings


Recognize-what it is that has made you anxious, stressed or uncomfortable.


Organize- a plan to lessen or extinguish a stressors relevance to the task, objective or goal.


Accept- that the stressor is present.


Respond- by committing to the task, objective or goal rather than the thought of outside, unvarying elements.

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